Marketing of LIS Services

  • Sarla P. Nimbhorkar


The paper defines the concept of marketing, marketing information product and services in the global era. In future day's librarians and information manages to challenge of this profession. The foundation for a great marketing plan of library and information services is to examine the mission, values and philosophy of services. Then analyze library capabilities' and research user needs to find out what work or what needs improvement. And then it is essential to use the analysis and research to establish to goals, select strategies for promotion, develop the marketing plan of action,  implement, and evaluate how well the libraries meet their goals... marketing is not exclusively for businessmen. It is the "science of strategy," and its main objective is to make user satisfaction, so it is necessary that the librarians are welcome to act enthusiastically on marketing applications.


As a result of the radical changes in the last decade information revolution, globalization, marketization, privatization, and using information for development the clientele interested in information services and products has been on the increase. Till now, librarians and information managers have been happy in catering to the limited clientele of the school, college, university, research organization, government department, or public organization that has sponsored them. Increasingly, clients outside these limited groups are equally interested in information, for instance, practitioners of any profession and planners at national and organizational levels. Business and commercial organizations have become conscious of information as a resource. The information age has truly arrived.  So far, libraries and librarians existed in islands. Whatever little networking existed was through the exchange of books and periodicals that too at the minimum level. ,But today's computer and information technology allows for, not only, a huge possibility for networking among information centers, but also for making information available to a larger clientele than the existing one. Moreover, the new technology will allow creation of never information products and services, and make them available quickly. Constraints of the print medium no longer exist.