About the Journal

Founded in 1939, the Journal of the Gujarat Research Society was the mouthpiece of the Gujarat Research Society. The key objects of the Society were: ‘to promote, organize and co-ordinate research in all branches of knowledge with reference to Gujarat’; ‘to collect and publish accurate information on all subjects relating to Gujarat, Kathiawar and Cutch’; and ‘to publish the results of research and to popularize modern knowledge in English and Gujarati languages through journals, periodicals, books, lectures, photographs, films, etc’. The Journal of the Gujarat Research Society was as an interdisciplinary bilingual journal in the social sciences. Published quarterly in the months of January, April, July and October, the journal was run by an advisory board comprising scholars and eminent personalities such as V.P. Vaidya, P.G. Shah, Jivraj N. Mehta, Ramnarayen Pathak, G.V. Acharya, R.C. Shah, M.S. Commissariat, A.S. Kalapesi, and S.U. Shukla.
Jointly edited by C.N. Vakil and J.H. Trivedi, the journal published articles, notes and book reviews. The articles covered aspects of history, archeology, culture, society, religion, philosophy, law, art, and economy. The journal claimed to have adopted ‘a scientific and cultural approach in the discussion of all problems’. The articles were published in English or Gujarati. Published articles included H.D. Sankalia’s ‘In Search of Early Man along the Sabarmati’; P.C. Divanji’s ‘Pre-historic Aryan Settlements on the Soils of Gujarat’; R.G. Gyani’s ‘Archaeological Work in Gujarat’; A.S. Kalapesi’s ‘Stone Implements of the Palaeolithic Age from Kandivli, Bombay’; B. Bhattacharya’s ‘Wealth of Gujarat in Manuscripts’; M.G. Dikshit’s ‘History of Buddhism in Gujarat’; K.V. Rangaswami Aiyangar’s ‘Hindu Law in Gujarat’; P.G. Shah’s ‘Literacy in Gujarat’; K.B. Dave’s ‘Ancient Temples of Gujarat’; and P.M. Trivedi’s ‘Bibliography on Brahmanical Religions and Philosophy in Gujarat’.