Impact of Low Calorie Diet on Health

  • Dr. Vishal P Balaramnavar


With the aim to determine the impact of dieting on the long term health of an individual, a study was conducted. The study involved candidates of various age group like kids, adolesance, young adults, adults, young senior citizens, old age group. The candidates for the study belonging to various age group were selected from the clinic of a dietician. With the change in lifestyle and eating pattern, obesity is seen in almost all age group of people. To overcome the problem of obesity, various diets are followed. The diet plans include different type of food to reduce the weight of the person following the diet. Diet plan mainly includes reducing the quantity/calorie or limiting the consumption of a particular type of food. During following a particular diet plan body gets deprived from essential nutrients. Thus results in health ailments in the person following the diet plan. Current study focuses on finding the impact of following the diet plan on the health of people. Thus, opens future prospects to conduct more research on health effects after following various diets.