Creation of The Irrigation and Cultivation Method For Agriculture Based on IoT and Zigbee

  • Meera S, Maheswari M, AswiniUdhayaA


The agriculture business, which is the bedrock of the Indian economy, deserves smart techniques. Farmers usually visit their fields on a daily basis. It is not possible for formers to track their farmlands during their tough times. Such situations can be handled using a smartphone. An android app is mounted on the farmers mobile to track all the farmland activities. The goal of this paper is to automate processes such as seed recommendations, irrigation and crop cultivation. Several sensors are mounted in the countryside to capture field data and the farmer is intimated using ZigBee contact. Initially, the soil is checked for its pH level and depending on the pH value, the crops to be planted are recommended to the farmer. The irrigation method is then automated by detecting the soil moisture and leaving the necessary volume of water in the field. Finally, the image analysis of crops is used to track the vitality, the degree of growth and to assess the time of harvesting. Every output is transmitted to the farmer as a voice output using the android application in the desired language. In this paper, mentioned sensors and electronic devices are integrated using Java.