Smart Farming Wifi Based Agriculture System

  • M. Amarnath Reddy, P. Kumar


In the world of digital era, an advance development with internet of things (IoT) were initiated, where devices communicate with each other and the process are automated and controlled with the help of internet. An IoT in an agriculture framework includes various benefits in managing and monitoring the crops. In this paper, an architectural framework is developed which integrates the internet of things (IoT) with the production of crops, different measures and methods are used to monitor crops using cloud computing. The approach provides real-time analysis of data collected from sensors placed in crops and produces result to farmer which is necessary for the monitoring the crop growth which reduces the time, energy of the farmer.The data collected from the fields are stored in the cloud and processed in  order to facilitate automation by integrating IoT devices. The concept presented in the paper could increase the productivity of the crops by  reducing wastage of resources utilized in the agriculture fields. The results of  the experimentation carried out presents the details of temperature, soil moisture, humidity and water usage for the field and performs decision making analysis with the interaction of the farmer.