Examining Solar Energy's Potential for Use in Water Processes

  • Mr. Rajkishor Singh, Mr. Anil Kumar Joshi, Mr. Jitendra Kumar Singh Jadon


Water shortages are anticipated to increase significantly as a result of an impending energy crisis brought on by the end of the oil era. Water difficulties are also anticipated to lead to increasing energy concerns, owing to the tight connection between water and energy issues. Environmental concerns, such as global warming, will almost certainly add to the pressure. In this scenario, renewable energies are rapidly increasing their contribution to the global mix, with solar energy clearly having the greatest potential, and given the worldwide coincidence that where there is water stress and/or scarcity, there is also good solar radiation levels, it seems clear that appropriate technologies must be developed to allow the use of solar energy to simulate water stress and/or scarcity. Solar desalination, solar detoxification, and solar disinfection are the three major solar energy applications for water processes described in this article.