A Review on Improvement of Agriculture System and Current Scenario in India

  • Narendra Nath Saxena


Following a 20-year period of neglect by foreign donors, agriculture is once again on the front lines, as food insecurity and hunger rise in tandem with rising food prices. In the next years, food supply and production in emerging nations, particularly India and smallholders, will become critical. However, this necessitates a number of challenging technological, institutional, and political challenges, such as ground markets, seed and input research, agricultural expansion, credit, rural infrastructure, customer connections, non-farm occupations in rural areas, commerce, and food price stabilization. The economic literature in this field is examined in this study. It will also focus on the role and interaction of farmers, which was a key component of the Green Revolution and the foundation for agricultural growth, as well as issues such as farmer income diversification, rural development approaches, global trade challenges, and sustainable development policies.