Green Technology Innovation Efficiency Research for the Indian High-End Manufacturing Industry

  • Dr Mohd Awais


The study aims to solve defects in traditional techniques that do not enhance the performance of multi-outputs. Engineering is the foundation for the paradigm presented here. The performance geographical variation in the high-end manufacturing industry in India is explored and contrasted using panel data of 2010-2015 variables such as environmental policy, government subsidies and maturity of customer. In the research, the high-end manufacturing industry in India is showing low performance in green technology innovation. But a developing trend reveals that India has brought significant development in outcomes. Innovation in green technology typically has been weaker than traditional regions. Both productivity types have been characterised by a "mid-south, low west" tendency. The east is characterised by great efficiency and marked by significant differences amongst nations, which show a similar speed of development. Incentives from government and corporate size have a significant detrimental impact on the success of regional industries during industry. Environmental policy and access to minor positions are based on the conclusions of the report.