The Brief Review on the Agriculture in the India

  • Dr Ashok Yadav


Living in the city by generating surpluses of food from home species was a major component in the evolution of sedentary human civilization. India's farming industry is through a dynamic process in the recent period of prosperity. It offers work possibilities for 65% of India's workforce. This review article provides data on agriculture, farming benefits, farming inconvenience in India and agriculture. This evaluation also includes other statistics (for example, the production of large crops this year, the distribution of holding numbers and areas established in Indian economic value by trillions in various crops worldwide), and changes there. It outlines the key disadvantages of India's agriculture industry. In India, agriculture represents 13.7% of GDP and 57% of employment. The vast bulk of the raw materials are provided by agriculture to industries including sugar, paper, textiles, handloom, food and dairy products.