Advanced System for Solar Tracking



Solar energy is a highly effective way to boost renewable energy supply. This article discusses the design and development of a microcontroller-based Solar Panel Tracking System. Given that the author has installed solar panels to satisfy our electrical demands, sunlight is a non-conventional energy source. However, because of the earth's rotation, the solar source, i.e. the sun, does not always face the plate, resulting in less power being produced. The energy panel will face the SUN until it is present, which should be within a day. The device design is depicted in the block diagram below, which includes a light dependent resistor (LDR) sensor that supplies maximum solar power to the microcontroller through an ADC that digitizes the LDR's performance. The controller then makes a choice based on the algorithm and tilts the panel with the help of a DC Motor in the direction of the LDR's highest energy. Two relays manage the system as a DC geared motor driver, and a microcontroller controls the system as the primary processor. This project is protected by a single axis and is intended for low-power and domestic uses. Regardless of motor speed, the system can track and follow the Sunlight intensity from the hardware test to acquire maximum solar power at the output. In future, this solar tracker system may be modified by adapting new technologies like Internet of things (IOT) and can be used for home purposes.