Control Solutions for Wind Energy Conversion Systems

  • Dr. Durgesh Wadhwa


Due to rising demand and the threat of zero carbon footprints, renewable energy techniques are gaining popularity. Wind energy has a lot of potential as a source of energy. Wind energy's rising popularity tends to produce high-quality output power in terms of grid integration. Controlling the electricity generated by wind energy necessitates the use of a suitable controller. Maximum power point tracking (MPPT), grid side controller (GSC), and machine side controller (MSC) connected with wind energy conversion systems have been evaluated in a number of research papers reports (WECS). A survey on pitch angle-based control, on the other hand, has not been the only subject of any such assessments. This study examines pitch angle controllers, maximum power extraction controllers, and grid synchronization controllers in detail. As a result, this study provides a thorough examination of overall control measures for Control of wind energy conversion. The goal of this review study is to serve as a useful resource for future wind energy research.