A Review Paper on Operational Learning

  • Sh Sachin Gupta


ABSTRACT: Operational learning is about gaining deeper operational intelligence about how work actually is completed. Goal-oriented approaches are becoming increasingly popular as a means of gathering, developing, analysing, and defining software requirements. The development of a proper and comprehensive set of operational criteria, in the form of pre- and trigger-conditions that ensure the system goals is a fundamental task in these methods. Few existing techniques assist this critical activity and rely mostly on the engineer's considerable effort and skill. An operational definition offered in this paper posits learning as a multi-dimensional and multi-phase phenomenon occurring when individuals attempt to solve what they view as a problem. To model someone is learning accordingly to the definition, it suffices to characterize a particular sequence of that person's disequilibrium–equilibrium phases in terms of products of a particular mental act, the characteristics of the mental act inferred from the products, and intellectual and psychological needs that instigate or result from these phases.