A Brief Description on Agriculture

  • Dr Ashok Yadav


Agriculture has played a crucial role in the rise of human civilization. For decades, agriculture has been the most popular activity among people. Agriculture employs a large number of people, making it the most widely employed sector. Soil erosion, insufficient storage facilities, and irrigation are some of the problems of agriculture. Agriculture is the science and practise of growing plants and raising livestock. Pastoral farming, shifting agriculture, mixed farming, nomadic agriculture, commercial agriculture, intensive and extended farming, and many more techniques or activities are all part of agriculture. This review discusses the introduction of agriculture, types of agriculture, role of agriculture in development, as well as new agricultural technologies in modern farming such as indoor vertical farming, farm automation, and blockchain. This study is helpful for people who have interest in agriculture. In the future, new technology will be brought into the agricultural sector, allowing for the cultivation of higher-quality products while also addressing the problems that come with it.