A Review Paper on Marketing of the Agriculture

  • Dr Sarbananda Sahu


Marking is a system of organizations, activities and processes through which consumers, society and partners communicate, generate, exchange and deliver products of exceptional value. Agriculture Marketing is a marketing system that facilitates the marketing of multifarious farmers around the world. The bulk of the population of India still lives in rural areas and the main source of income are agriculture and associated professions. Despite the efforts of the government, the difference between the investment by a farmer and the return on the investment still remains. This article provides specifics on the marketing of agriculture products, such as marketing definitions, 4 (Ps) marketing, marketing subsystem, and marketing systems subsystems further. This article also provides data on agricultural marketing in India, benefits of excellent government policy systems, and farm marketing tools. Agriculture consultancy is a services that enables fresh entry on the market either online or offline. In future, there can be done extensive research in this sector to explore more in a pragmatic manner.