Challenges of Teaching English in Indian Classrooms

  • Prof. Meenakshi Sharma


n India's fight for independence, growth and change into a country with diverse identities, English has played an essential part. English has been utilized by diplomacy, the government, literacy, courts and IT. Its role has been broadened to address contemporary opportunity creation demands. The English language instruction in India is in a horrible state since English is changing. The insanity of policymakers on poverty and the population is the fault of India's teaching English difficulties. There was a lack of a coherent agenda, an insufficient exposure, an insufficient substance, insufficient instructor skills, an inefficient technique and a lack of motivation. The goal of this article is to explore the difficulties arising from the teaching of English in Indian schools. The study examined important concerns relating to the language instruction in India, the English characteristics and the function of English as a partner official language in India and the corrective measures that might be implemented to address the problem in the educational system. The teacher-student proportion and defective evaluation in order to overcome the problems of English learning in India must be given attention. To overcome the English and Learning problems in India the teacher and student ratio and the faulty evaluation system must be taken into account.