An Overview on Blockchain Tool to Manage IoT Devices

  • Swapnil Raj


Blockchain technology has emerged as the next breakthrough technology since the beginning of Bitcoin in 2008. Though blockchain began as a Bitcoin core technology, it is now being applied to a wide range of fields, including banking, the Internet of Things (IoT), security, and other areas. Many business and public organisations are currently investing in technology. Aside from that, we'll see the beginnings of IoT as software and hardware develop. Those IoT devices must also be able to communicate and synchronize with one another. However, we predict that in cases where there are millions of IoT devices linked, the existing server-client approach will have some restrictions and challenges during synchronization. We can control and customize IoT devices via blockchain. Even virtually other blockchain platforms enable account as a key management system, we chose Ethereum because it allows us to administer the system in a more fine-grained manner. We employ a few IoT devices to prove an idea rather than a whole IoT system with thousands of IoT devices for the proof of concept. However, in a later study, we'd like to use blockchain to develop a fully scaled IoT system.