Water Pollution and Its Effect On Lifeforms

  • Dr. Durgesh Wadhwa


Water pollution is becoming a global concern as due to this the amount of drinking water is getting decreased day by day. The huge amount of water loss is experienced by metro cities worldwide. During the dumping of hazardous effluent by major civilizations into water a worldwide problem and danger has arisen. Factory waste product, chemical substances dangerous by the industry, dumping of household trash and disposing medical and other toxic waste straight into waterways lead to water quality deteriorations, finally causing drinking water losses and even fatalities in different forms of life. In this study a review is done on the source and impact of water pollution and the kinds of water contamination. It was reported that aquatic life largely suffers from water pollution through the lack of adequate soluble oxygen in freshwater bodies owing to increased water toxicity. The Clean Waters Rule, clarifying the scope of Clean Water and protecting one in three citizens' drinking water, is among the most efficient methods of standing up for water.