Benefits and Risks of Social Networking: A Review

  • Madhav Singh Solanki


The use of social media in education is a heated subject in school districts around the country. Educators are lagging behind the public in embracing social networking for educational reasons because they are afraid that children may be exposed to inappropriate online content, unwanted adult connections, and peer bullying. Proponents of social networking in the classroom, on the other hand, claim that limiting students access to these sites denies them the opportunity to study, create, and learn utilising modern communication tools. Current study is about the benefits and risks associated with the Social Networking. It was reported that Facebook is now the most popular social networking site, with an estimated 750 million monthly users. Twitter, a microblogging social networking site, with over 250 million monthly users. Myspace was once the world’s most popular social network, but it could not keep up with Facebook. The site has 70.5 million monthly visits, according to estimates. As seen by the limited experience of a few top businesses, the future of social media networking holds great promise.