Delay-Optimized Offloading for Mobile Cloud Computing Services in Heterogeneous Networks

  • Mr. Anuj Kumar, Dr. Niraj Singhal


By executing remotely on mobile cloud computing (MCC) networks, offloading is an effective technique for extending the lifespan and speeding up the execution rate of mobile devices. Meanwhile, a heterogeneous network (HetNet), which includes a variety of radio access nodes, is generally seen as a viable method to meet the increasing traffic demand. First, we present two delay-optimized offloading control methods for LTE-Advanced heterogeneous networks in this article. Setting a threshold to limit the number of unloading users is one of them. Another method is to estimate the execution latency to see whether the users are suitable for offloading. Both take into consideration the traffic load of the serving cell and neighboring cells. Simulations in both heterogeneous and macro-only networks are used to assess the delay performance of various methods for comparative purposes.