In Cloud Computing, Towards a Trusted Launch Mechanism for Virtual Machines

  • Mr. Kuldeep Chauhan, Dr. Mamta Bansal


Although cloud computing allows us to dynamically provide servers with the flexibility to meet a broad variety of requirements, it also introduces a slew of new security concerns. One of the most pressing concerns for cloud computing is the security of virtual machines (VM). Existing VM security methods, such as Terra, toot, and TXT, however, are primarily concerned with the security of the VM operating environment. In clouds, there is no protective mechanism for virtual machines (VMs). We present a trusted launch solution for virtual machines (TLVM) in this article, which includes four systematic methods for safeguarding VMs in clouds: image encryption, measurement, attestation, and security-enhanced authentication. A proof-of-concept implementation of our method is also discussed. The results of our tests show that our technology can secure the whole launch process of a virtual machine. The measurement module will then take measurements on the virtual machine picture. The measurement outcome, including the measurement value and a signed report data from the host is transmitted to a remote attestation server for verification. The image's integrity the user will use the Usbkey to log into the VM. The virtual machine will connect to the host and get the migrated key.