Study on a Cloud Computing-Based Sports Teaching Resource Platform

  • Mr. Nitin Kumar, Mr. Rajesh Pandey


The sports teaching resource platform, which is based on cloud computing, was created to enhance sports education. The structure of Cloud Computing and its functions are the first topics covered in this article. The framework and modules of this platform are then described. We explain how this platform is organized in Cloud Computing based on the benefits of Cloud Computing. As a result, this platform can effectively store multimedia content. Teachers may also use this site to exchange sports multimedia content and create dynamic courseware. The platform's GUI allows students to see this changing courseware. As a result, pupils will find it more convenient to study on their own. A kernel for Linux that works on actual hardware. Linux cgroups and namespaces are the core Linux a kernel technology used to separate, secures, and manage the containers. Containerization outperforms virtualization because it does not have the overhead of a hypervisor. IaaS clouds often include significant funds as in a virtual hard librarian, raw frame flash memory, file or object data transfer, cameras, application servers, IP addresses, virtual local area networks (VLANs), and software packages.