The Internet of Things in Healthcare: A Review

  • Mr. Rahul Tomer, Dr. Prashant Kumar, Sunil Kumar Gupta


The use of different technologies, such as information technology, to complement and improve current healthcare services has always been the subject of much study. The Internet of Things, in particular, has been extensively used to link existing medical resources and offer dependable, effective, and smart healthcare to the elderly and chronically sick patients. The purpose of this article is to review Internet of things in the healthcare sector, as well as to evaluate the intelligentization movement and future research prospects in this area. The advancement of IoT in healthcare systems has been explored from the points of view of enabling technologies and methodologies, Internet - of - things smart devices and systems, and wide range of applications of Technology in the health industries, begins with a comprehensive literature review and discussion of the researchers' achievements. Finally, the difficulties and opportunities of developing Internet - of - things healthcare systems are thoroughly addressed.