The Use of Blockchain Technology in E-Healthcare Systems

  • Dr. Anshu Choudhary, Dr. Abhishek Kumar, Dr. Abhimanyu Upadhyay


The healthcare sector has been embracing cutting-edge technology that allows for the digitization of medical data and the automation of clinical procedures. The requirement for interoperability across various departments in healthcare necessitates a system that allows for smooth data exchange. However, when exchanging data with many authorized parties, data confidentiality and integrity are important concerns. In 2016, hundreds of millions of medical records were hacked, and the number continues to rise. The new blockchain technology is a groundbreaking technique that guarantees data integrity and secrecy inside any system. Blockchain technology has piqued the interest of certain healthcare professionals because it offers a decentralized and encrypted method of storing and exchanging data. This new technology holds a lot of promise for improving the security and integrity of electronic health records. We performed a comprehensive literature analysis in order to identify research gaps and future research directions in blockchain technology in healthcare research in this article. The literature is examined to determine the benefits, drawbacks, and difficulties of using blockchain technology in healthcare from the viewpoints of people and process technology.