An Overview Of Cyber Security In Smart Grid

  • Prof. (Dr.) Tarun Kr. Sharma, Dr. Mamta Bansal


A smart grid harnesses the power of information technology to intelligently provide energy to consumers through two-way communication while also meeting environmental standards via the integration of green technologies. Despite the fact that smart grid solves many issues with conventional grids, it faces a number of security issues. Because communication has been integrated with electrical power, which has inherent flaws, the system has been exposed to many dangers. These issues have been addressed in a number of academic publications. However, the majority of them categorized attacks based on confidentiality, integrity, and availability, while excluding assaults that jeopardized other security criteria like accountability. Furthermore, existing security countermeasures are focused on preventing particular attacks or safeguarding certain components, but there is no comprehensive strategy that brings these solutions together to defend the whole system. The goal of this article is to provide a thorough review of the relevant published studies. We start by going through the security needs. Then, to identify possible weaknesses and their effect, we look at a number of major cyber-attacks in the smart grid in detail. We also suggested a cyber security plan as a method for dealing with breaches, preventing attacks, and deploying suitable remedies. Finally, we suggest some study topics for the future.