A Review of Ontological Approach toward Cybersecurity in Cloud Computing

  • Rajiv kumar, Prof. (Dr.) Tarun Kr. Sharma


The widespread deployment of the Internet allowed for the construction of cloud computing is an emerging IT delivery paradigm. Despite the fact that cloud computing-based services have grown quickly, their security features are in the early stages of development. In order to maintain cloud computing's security, information about cybersecurity that will be shared inside it. It's important to figure out what's going on and talk about it. We are doing so for this reason. Suggest an ontological approach to cloud-based cybersecurity computing. Based on real cybersecurity activities, we provide an ontology for cybersecurity operational information. Mostly concerned with non-cloud computing to talk about it, we have all of the essential cybersecurity knowledge in cloud computing. Use ontologies in cloud computing. We highlight important developments in cloud computing via the debate, such as well as separating data and assets, and clarifying the cybersecurity information needed by changes such as data provenance and encryption information on energy dependencies