A Study on the Influences of Entrepreneurship Education on Students

  • Uma Sharma, Dr. Prashant Kumar, Mr. Rahul Tomer


Requirement through entrepreneurial education also for growth of entrepreneurship. Culture/values with education are the most critical aspect of the entrepreneurship climate. Education must be embraced in such a manner it is necessary not just for young people, but also for greatly educated adults. Here, we addressed the importance of education for startup an entrepreneurship throughout India. The purpose of this study is to illustrate current developments throughout entrepreneurship education through presenting some avenues for future studies that provide an anthropological approach to education. These will help more students to accept the distinctive essence of entrepreneurship through connecting it to evolving developments in jobs, including the contract economy as well as the entrepreneurship innovation of the workforce. Recommendations for the needs of entrepreneurship education yet more development is being made as a means of influencing the future growth of the industry.