Text Mining for a Systematic Literature Review of Sexual Harassment Studies

  • Dr. Poonam Devdutt, Prof. (Dr.) R.K. Jain, Dr. Naveen Kumar


Thousands of research papers have been written on sexual harassment in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. To summarize the literature on sexual harassment, many review articles have been written. Traditional literature review studies have several disadvantages, such as examining a limited number of articles, being time-consuming and labour-intensive, concentrating on a few subjects, and missing temporal trend analysis. To overcome these constraints, this article uses a combination of computational and qualitative methods to identify key research issues, examine temporal patterns in sexual harassment themes over the last several decades, and suggest future research paths in the field. We gathered 5320 research articles from 1977 to 2020, identified and evaluated sexual harassment issues, and looked at the historical pattern of subjects. According to our results, sexual harassment in the workplace was the most popular study topic, and it was studied in a broad variety of contexts, from schools to military bases. According to our findings, 62.5 percent of the subjects with a significant trend had a rising (hot) temporal trend that would be investigated more in the future years. With text mining, qualitative, and temporal trend analysis techniques, this research provides a bird's eye perspective to better comprehend sexual harassment literature. Researchers, educators, publishers, and legislators may benefit from this study since it provides a comprehensive review of the sexual harassment area.