A Review of Gujarat's Manufacturing Sector Model

  • Dr. Jyoti Sharma, Mr. Shamshad Husain, Dr. Anil Kumar Nishad


India is quickly establishing itself as one of the most profitable manufacturing destinations. This research is being done to look at India's present manufacturing methods for industrial development. A study was carried out on the factors that influence the manufacturing industry in various ways across nations. Andhra Pradesh was in charge of enhancing the performance of states like Gujarat, as well as environmental standards, via efficient infrastructure, adherence to tax and labor regulations, and other factors. With this in mind, India's government is pouring money into building a robust network of roads, rail, and transportation to boost output. Because a variety of industrial corridors, including transportation networks, are rapidly being developed, this study focuses on how they are built. The development of this industry is due to these networks. Land and labor, along with ongoing infrastructural improvements, are assisting India in making progress. As a result of this study, we have discovered how to create new laws. It seems to be the center of contemporary manufacturing.