An Assessment of Solar Energy for The Future World

  • Mr. Jitendra Kumar Singh Jadon, Mr. Ravi Kr. Bhatnagar, Dr. Jayanta Kumar Mahato


The world's energy consumption is rapidly increasing as a result of population growth and technological advancements. For future energy demand, it is thus critical to choose a dependable, cost-effective, and eternal renewable energy source. Solar energy, like other renewable energy sources, is a cost-effective and readily accessible energy source for dealing with long-term problems in the energy crisis. Because of the increasing need for energy, the solar business is rapidly growing all over the globe, despite the fact that the main energy source, fossil fuel, is finite and alternative sources are costly. It has become an instrument for improving developing nations' economic position and sustaining the lives of many disadvantaged people since it is now cost efficient as a result of years of active research to speed up its growth. In comparison to other renewable energy sources, the solar sector would undoubtedly be the greatest choice for future energy demand since it is better in terms of availability, cost effectiveness, accessibility, capacity, and efficiency. As a result, this paper discusses the importance of the solar industry, as well as its fundamental concepts, the global energy scenario, highlights of research done to upgrade the solar industry, its potential applications, and barriers to a better solar industry in the future in order to resolve the energy crisis.