Modern agriculture sector, dynamic trends and potential prospects for Nano-particles

  • Dr. Neha Vashistha, Dr. Neha Yajurvedi, Dr. Anuj Goel


The concept of nanotechnology has survived almost every kind of life and has swapped its applications in many areas. Despite the rapid growth of nanotechnology, there are indeed sustainable conflicts in agriculture. In the present scenario, agriculture is an interest to provide adequate support to the world's continuous development population. It is estimated that nearly 33% of the world's agricultural production is destroyed annually. The catastrophe was caused by many apprehensions including pesticide invasion, micro-organisms, weeds, regular cataclysms, lack of soil ripeness and much more. Nanomaterials may be of tremendous use in the current scenario of worldwide food shortage. Nanotechnology has the ability to reduce the adverse effects of extensive usage of molecular agrochemicals which are related to the surrounding bio-magnification. This study discusses the significance of nanoparticles via soil maturity, plant treatment and improved production. Because of the paucity of results on agricultural Nano-biotechnology, the present research focuses on the creation of Nano-paper as a theoretical opportunity to update the conceptual model of agriculture.