An Intelligent Agriculture Prototype for Agricultural Field Monitoring and Management

  • Dr. Anshu Choudhary, Dr. Abhishek Kumar, Dr. Ashok Gupta


India's agricultural output has gradually decreased as a number of natural catastrophes have devastated agriculture and unpredictable climatic patterns have interfered with crop rotation. Furthermore, the elderly farmers are lowering their commitment and attempts to sell their agricultural property that inevitably impacts the production of food crops and dairy products. The agricultural environment and serious development need more robust frameworks with quick progress. The unstructured concept of the outside world creates chances of deception. In addition, the devices are usually operated by low-tech professors. Inherent safety and reliability is therefore an important aspect. Food handling is also a problem that requires mechanised frameworks to be cleansed and reliable against contamination discharge. The agricultural mechanisation frameworks referred to in this study involve field machinery, irrigation frameworks, greenhouse technological advances, animal automation structures and automation frameworks for organic produce. Each section shows numerous frameworks for automation, different applications and current developments in the field.