The Overview of Mobile Cloud Computing and its Applications

  • Dr. Anuj Goel, Dr. Neha Yajurvedi, Mr. Somprabh Dubey


Mobile cloud computing (MCC) is a mobile platform providing cloud computing services. MCC blends the features of mobile networks and cloud computing with optimal resources for telephone users. The information and sophisticated processing modules may be stored in databases in mobile cloud computing and equipment like processor speed and processing power, etc. do not require a robust setup. The rapid progression of mobile computing software and modems increases the use of mobile devices considerably. This generates a high mobile app and smartphone user growth rate. MCC provides an extensive overview of the technology to be understood in order to determine all future studies for ever-increasing sectors. It's a fantastic company and analysis tool for mobile cloud computing (MCC). The whole process runs via the web, which makes it susceptible to exploitation since the data are online processing and mobile device access. MCC integrates cloud computing into the digital system and overcomes obstacles to performance (such as battery capacity, room and latency), environment (such as diversity, usability, quality) and security, such as performance and secrecy.