An Overview of Recent Agricultural Research Advances and Trends

  • Dr. Alpana Joshi, Dr. Saurabh Tyagi, Dr. Shivani


These advances coupled with the rise in urbanization are significant factors for the evolution of agricultural research. Recent developments in the field of Agricultural Research comprises of Eco-Agro-tourism, Big Data, Climate Smart Agriculture, Subsequent Promotional Linkages, Integrated Agriculture, etc. These developments are significant not only from the study context but also from the policy point of view towards the aim of doubling farmers’ income by 2022. In today’s’ age technology plays a very significant role in enabling farmers to take up entrepreneurial initiatives and Agro-based businesses. Recent study has also talked about integrating Agriculture technology with the Information technology for increasing the agricultural production. Traditional farming method need to be replaced with the contemporary farming techniques as Integrated Farming System, Vertical Farming, or forward Backward integration, etc. With the rise in population and limited resource availability, research connected to Urban Agriculture is being highlighted which encourages the urban people to opt for organic agriculture for healthy and safe products.  In summary, it can be said that along with coping with the main problems such as climate change, increasing farmers’ income and feeding the billions, above-described developments in agricultural research are regarded as ray of hope for preserving Indian agriculture.