A Look at How Solar Energy Is Used in Industry

  • Dr. Jayanta Kumar Mahato, Dr. Yogesh Kumar, Mr. Rajkishor Singh


Solar energy conversion is now extensively utilized to create heat and power. According to a comparative analysis on global energy consumption published by the International Energy Agency (IEA), solar array installations will provide approximately 45 percent of global energy demand in 2050. Solar thermal has been discovered to be gaining a lot of traction in industrial applications. Solar thermal energy may be used to produce power, process chemicals, or even heat your home. Food, non-metallic, textile, construction, chemical, and even business-related sectors may all benefit from it. Solar energy, on the other hand, is widely used in the telecommunications, agricultural, water desalination, and construction industries to power lights, pumps, motors, fans, freezers, and water heaters. It is critical to use solar energy for a broad range of applications and to offer energy solutions by changing the energy percentage, increasing energy stability, boosting energy sustainability, reducing conversion, and therefore enhancing system efficiency. The goal of this research was to investigate into how solar energy systems are used in industrial applications and which industrial applications are more compatible with solar energy systems.