A Literature Review of Cyber-Physical System Applications

  • Dr. Mamta Bansal, Mr. Anuj Kumar


A new generation of digital systems, the Cyber-Real System (CPS), focuses on intricate interdependencies and integration between cyberspace and the physical world. Because of their potentially substantial effect on society, the environment, and the economy, cyber-physical systems (CPS) are presently of interest in academia, business, and government. A CPS is made up of tightly coupled computing, communication, control, and physical components. Academics, business, and government are all interested in CPS right now. However, there is no systematic and comprehensive overview of CPS research. As a result, this article performs an extended literature analysis on CPS applications by analyzing existing literatures in the Scopus database from 2012 to 2017. In particular, 77 articles on CPS applications are categorized and evaluated into ten categories. The contents of each research category's articles are summarized. The difficulties and tendencies of CPS research are also shown.