An Examination of Augmented Reality Applications in The Field of Maintenance.

  • Dr. Niraj Singhal, Mr. Rajesh Pandey


For over 50 years, academic research has focused on Augmented Reality (AR) technology for assisting maintenance operations. Major advancements have been achieved in the past decade, and AR technology is coming closer to being used in business. The benefits and drawbacks of AR have been investigated and evaluated in terms of Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for industrial maintenance in this study. Unfortunately, there are still certain technological problems that prohibit AR from being used in industrial settings. The goal of this article is to demonstrate the present state of the art of AR in maintenance and the most important technical constraints using the findings of a comprehensive literature review. Filtering a huge number of articles down to 30 primary studies published between 1997 and 2017 was part of the study. The findings reveal a significant level of fragmentation across hardware, software, and AR solutions, resulting in a high level of difficulty in choosing and creating AR systems. The study's findings reveal the areas where AR technology is still in its infancy. Future research areas in industrial maintenance are also suggested, including hardware, tracking, and user-AR interface.