An Overview on Networking

  • Dr. Niraj Singhal, Mr. Rajesh Pandey


Currently, Networking plays a significant role in the development of automation technologies as it is the backbone of 5G technology is fiber network. Networking is basically defined as two or more devices grouped together throughout a cable and Wi-Fi is an example of networking.  Due to take more knowledge to understand the networking, author decides to write this review paper. In this review paper, author have discussed about networking, types of networks, network topologies, various layers in OSI(Open Systems Interconnection) reference model, various network protocols and difference in IPv4 & IPv6. Author believes that this paper will be helpful to understand networking. Also, there are various job opportunities in the department of networking like system engineer, network administrator etc. Networking makes it easier to share resources and documents from one place to another. The future of networking will be bright as the development of automation technology depends on networking.