A Study on the Cyber-Crime and Cyber Criminals: A Global Problem

  • Prashant Kumar


Cybercrime has caused a great deal of harm to people, organisations and even the government today. In order to deter and defend data from such threats, cybercrime prevention techniques and classification methods have achieved differing degrees of effectiveness. In order to deter cyber crime, many regulations and methods have been enforced and the sentences are laid down on the perpetrators. The report, however, reveals that even today, there are many nations facing this crisis, and over the years, the United States of America is contributing to maximum harm due to cybercrimes. According to the latest survey carried out, it was noted that the monetary damage in 2013 was almost US$ 781.84 million. This paper explains the general environments in which cybercrime typically happens and the various forms of cybercrime currently conducted. The paper also illustrates the research performed on email-related offences, as email is the most popular medium for cybercrimes. In addition, it also sets down some of the case studies relevant to cybercrime.