Development of Technology and its Impact on Crime and Legal Response

  • Neeraj Kaushik


The discovery and production phase in science is the development of technology. In the near term, several new technologies are likely to be implemented in general. Technologically assisted criminality involves a wide range of crimes that pose varying types of danger to consumers, enterprises and, more broadly, society as a whole. Progress has led to Nano technology and others being developed. In comparison to offences committed using computers, cybercrime has taken the top spot. Children have played a significant role in cyber-crime. In order to deter and prosecute cyber-attacks, the legislation has taken several measures. While there are numerous laws and legislation surrounding sovereignty issues, judicial authority tends to obstruct its successful execution, making the mechanism and structure of criminal justice ineffective. The purpose of this paper is to highlight the numerous problems related to technology and crime: the Legal System, such as investigation and identification issues, court procedures and frameworks for the administration of justice.