Cyber Pornography in Indian Legal Scenario in Context of Cyber Crime

  • Ashok Kumar


Inventions of technology have always inspired mankind. The gifts of the machine and the internet have in every way shaped the lives of everyone. In almost every human activity, information technology is used today. However, in the form of cyber abuses, such technical development has come with its own costs. Pornographic material on the internet is one such violence. There has been a plurality of views on the legality of pornography between nations. Cultural, moral and legal differences do not allow the line between obscenity and morality to be drawn, and identifying pornography is therefore a difficult challenge. In the sense of such differences, monitoring such online pornography becomes more difficult. Pornography is said to be a matter of privacy and, thus, not to be regulated. It does not, however, account for the offenses that attack the very core of the integrity of society, and one of these offenses is cyber pornography. In the same way that racist literature serves as an incitement to racial hate, it acts as an incitement to sexual hate and violence against women. The effect of cyber pornography on women's lives cannot be entirely overlooked and properly accounted for as to why the danger of cyber pornography must be curbed. Therefore, this paper carefully discusses the same in brief.