A Critical Review on Applications of New Drug Delivery System

  • Ashish Kumar Verma


Great strides have been made in the development of novel drug delivery systems (NDDS) for plant actives and extracts over the past few years. Bioactive and plant extracts have been used to record the range of novel herbal formulations such as polymeric nanoparticles, nano capsules, liposomes, phytosomes, nano emulsions, microsphere, transferosomes, and ethosomes. The novel formulations are reported to have remarkable advantages over traditional formulations of plant actives and extracts, including solubility enhancement, bioavailability, toxicity safety, pharmacological activity enhancement, and stability enhancement, improved distribution of tissue macrophages, sustained delivery, and physical and chemical degradation protection. The present review highlights the current status of the development of novel herbal formulations and summarizes their method of preparation, type of active ingredients, size, and entrapment efficiency, route of administration, biological activity and applications of novel formulations.