A Critical Review on Herbal Drug Loaded into Pharmaceutical Carrier Techniques

  • Rahul Arora


The herbal drug is molded in nano carriers to boost growing interest in a pharmaceutical era for various fields in sort to amplify therapeutic worth. Nowadays, a promising interest has been developed in nanotechnology using herbal medicines as core material to provoke its activity on the target site. By administering herbal medicine in the nano-size form, there are chances for improving the bioavailability, binding receptor selectivity due to higher active surface energy thereby enhancing the effectiveness and safety of the active entity. In the last few decades, formulations with nano-sized herbal active ingredients have emerged as nano-phyto medicines owing to its wide range of interest and effectiveness because of its unique nature. Nanonized drug delivery structure of herbal drug has an approaching outlook for getting bigger the doings and overcome problems associated with plant medicine. The current review will focus on nanoparticles, herbal drug-loading techniques, herbal nano formulations, and applications in various fields. We conclude that by formulating herbal drug in nano carriers would be a promising guide for the progress of core remedy and will act as a promising proposal for many pathological conditions.