Importance of Work-Life Balance to Employee and Employer

  • Aditya Kumar Sharma


Work Life Balance (WLB) is a central topic that needs to be tackled in the rapidly changing world. The goal of this paper is to define the working life balance (WLB) relationship with organizational productivity. Organizational efficiency is directly related to the productivity of the employee, and the productivity of the employee also depends on the work satisfaction quotient. Some of the essential considerations are taken into account as work autonomy as well as supervisor and management support when investigating the factors relevant to the WLB. In order to analyze the factors related to the WLB and employee motivation, a questionnaire survey was carried out to collect the data and a pharmaceutical company based in Chandigarh, India, was selected for the survey and some 500 responses were collected. The data analysis showed that the WLB's relationship and the organization's competitiveness are connected to pride and job satisfaction at work in addition to the organization's effort towards WLB. This paper notifies the void in WLB-related literature and efficiency in the sense of work satisfaction and pride.