Fan (Fiction) Acting on Media and the Politics of Appropriation

  • Raghuvir Singh


Fan fiction is the creative appropriation and transformation of existing popular media texts by fans who take stories, worlds and/or characters as starting points and create their own stories based on them.As a social field of training, fan fiction questions pervasive ideas of individual creation and restrictive social products. Simultaneously, fan fiction itself is tested. Through cycles of medicalization, fanfiction developed and turned out to be progressively obvious. Outsiders, running from the media business (e.g., film studios) and copyright holders to reporting and the scholarly world, are keen on fan fiction what's more, are following its turn of events. We respect fanfiction networks and fan going about as fields for experimentation and as digressive fields that can help comprehend what appropriating, composing, and distributing in advanced culture and the fate of composing may resemble. In this paper, we layout significant discussions on

the authenticity and nature of fan fiction and present primer aftereffects of flow research inside Germany.