Online Teaching Platforms: Examining Dimensions Of Electronic Service Quality

  • Dr. Ramandeep S. Deol, Dr. Navjit Singh, Simran Arora


Nowadays, it is being assumed that e-learning is the future of education and questions are being asked if it can replace the traditional class-based teaching practices. The importance of measuring the E-service quality is gaining momentum in the current scenario because it was discovered by the researchers that dropout rates from online platforms are nearly 10–20% higher than in conventional learning methods. The measurement of e-service quality of online education is very complex as the service delivery is continuous and evaluative over a long period of time. Hence present need is to build up a suitable structure for assessing the quality of  E-Learning.                 In this study an attempt is made to identify the dimensions of electronic service quality in                     E-learning environment and the factors that users (teachers & students) undertake to evaluate the quality of the virtual learning environment. The study through a primary data based analysis  identified five dimensions of E-SQ to assess the quality of virtual learning platforms as: Interesting & Easy Learning,  Innovative Usage & Privacy Features, Self Paced Quality Learning, Portal Functionality and Customer Support.