• Vinod K. Singh


Carica papaya (CP) extract is becoming popular as an unlicensed herbal treatment intended to hasten dengue infection recovery, largely based on results that could raise the number of platelets. Inclusion requirements were fulfilled in nine studies (India-6, Pakistan-1, Indonesia-1, Malaysia-1). Seven tests found an improvement in platelet count in patients receiving CP extract, although no substantial difference between the two groups was found in one study and no clear relation was possible in the rest of the sample. There have not been records of significant adverse events. The period of hospital stay can be shortened by CP extract (mean gap of 1.98 days, 95% confidence interval of 1.83 to 2.12, 3 trials, 580 subjects, poor quality evidence) and contribute to increase in mean platelet counts between the first and fifth days of treatment (mean difference 35.45, 95 percent confidence interval 23.74 to 47.15, 3 studies, 129 participants, low quality evidence). There was no information present concerning such health results. This systematic review and meta-analysis seeks to objectively examine the proof of the effectiveness and safety of CP extract in the treatment of dengue infection in controlled clinical trials. In the lack of more rigorous markers of favourable clinical outcome, the clinical benefit of increase in platelet count or early discharge remains unknown. Present evidence to report on the position of CP extract in dengue is inadequate. There is a need for more well-designed clinical trials with well-defined success measures investigating the impact of CP on platelet counts, plasma leakage, other severe dengue symptoms, and mortality.