• Arun Sreenivasan


As adivasis become progressively obvious as subjects indebates around transformation, personality, indigeneity, and development, the field of "Adivasi Studies, “Centered on the subject of the Adivasi, turns out to be progressively applicable. As anewly arising field, it draws in with archaeology, anthropology, agrarian history, ecological history, subaltern examines, native examinations, native studies, and formative financial matters yet adds to these debates that are explicit to the Indian setting. This exposition discusses some of the goals that cause a return to the field of Adivasi Studies convincing. It draws in with the ongoing dialogue among the individuals who compose the adivasis into the larger task of history‐writing, and sets out the markers of the field of Adivasi Studies from an antiquarian's perspective. It reflects as much a portion of the quandaries that one faces while connecting with the field of Adivasi Studies.