A Study Of Number Sense Ability Of Mathematics Required To Teach

  • Rajesh Gupta, Dr. Ajeet Kumar Singh


Number sense has become an important topic in mathematics education in the last view decades. Number sense, for the most part, refers to an individual general comprehension with regard to numbers and flexibility in using the operations for making mathematical judgments. In general, number sense is not seen as an issue which is directly taught within a sub-chapter or a specific topic. Instead, it is assumed as the result of mathematical experience where students could employ their sense in understanding circumstances involving numbers without exerting standard algorithm. This article entails an in-depth discussion with respect to number sense and its components, the way it can be promoted, and the previous research recording its comparison with students achievement.Teachers were in front of the class to explain and students sat upright to listen and record what teachers wrote on the whiteboard. After explaining and giving examples of questions, teachers provide exercises for students with more mechanistic competence instead of reasoning competence, for example exercises related to number sense.Number Sense is not only a competence to recognize and able in calculating but also to that must be controlled so that children could have a good number sense, those are have a good intuition to recognize numbers, good understanding of numbers properties, and knowing the relation of numbers very well.