Experimental Investigation Using Fuel Additives As An Emission Reduction Strategy And Performance Improvement Of Ci Engine

  • Thirupemgalla Dasthagiri, D . V. Patel


Industrialization and the utilization of the Internal Combustion engines and the other mainstream based car vehicle populace of the World are at the pinnacle, prompting steep ascent for the demand of the Petroleum based fuels.Simultaneously, the utilization of bio-fuels, for example, Jatropha, Karanjia, Mahua, Cotton seed oils, and so on, is being attempted. Among all the fuels referenced above cotton seed oil is richly accessible in Andhra Pradesh, India and developed by the ranchers. The assessments were also directed to investigate the effect of channel air preheating on the motor execution and the outflow levels. Better execution and discharge levels were seen when the motor was furnished with air at a temperature of 700C.