Transitional Guidance On The Biocidal Products Regulation In District Bankura West Bengal

  • Nandini Singha Deb, Dr. Deepak Mittal


Depending On Its Field Of Use A Product To Control, Repel Or Attract Insects And Other Arthropods May Be Classified As A Biocidal Product Or Plant Protection Product. Termites, In Natural Settings, Work As Beneficial Insects By Breaking Down Cellulose Containing Materials, Such As Dead Trees. However, Termites Can Cause Damage To Living Trees And Many Crop Plants, But The Fact That They Can Use Dead Wood Makes Them A Major Pest For Timber Used Both Outdoors And Inside Buildings. Termites Become A Problem To Humans When They Infest Timber Used In Constructions (I.E. Wood Structures) In Risk Areas. Owing To Their High Moisture Requirements, They Usually Nest In Soils, But Can Invade Buildings From Underneath Through Cracks And Seams Or By Building Shelter Tubes Connecting The Wood To Their Nest In The Soil. In District Bankura West Bengal Tropical Overseas Regions, There Are Three Main Types Of Termites: Subterranean, Tree And Dry Wood Termites, The Subterranean Being The Most Destructive Termites In Construction. Due To Their Biological Characteristics (Subterranean Termites), They Live In The Soil And Must Maintain Contact With The Ground Or Some Other Moisture Source To Survive. Insecticides Against Termites Can Be Divided Into Pt8 Products, Preventive Treatments To Protect The Wood And Curative Treatments On The Wood, And Pt18 Products, Which Are Considered In This Section.